Policies & Other Related Matters

Nomination and Remuneration Policypdf image
Whistle Blower Policypdf image
Material Subsidiary Policypdf image
Terms & Conditions-appointment of Independent Directorspdf image
Code of Fair Disclosures and Code of Conduct for Prevention of Insider Tradingpdf image
The Policy for Preservation / Archival of documentspdf image
Policy for determination of materiality of an eventpdf image
Corporate Social Responsibility Policypdf image
Code-of-Conduct-Practices-and-Procedurespdf image
Code of Conduct Policypdf image
Policy on Related party Transactionpdf image
Policy on Board Diversitypdf image
Risk Management Policypdf image
Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work placepdf image
Details of Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directorspdf image

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