Caring for People, Products, and Planet

Sustainable ESG

Satchmo Holdings Limited has been engaged in corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives since our establishment. Our business values are built on the principles of environmental stewardship, social inclusion, and good governance. As our businesses grow over time, we have continued to refine our strategic approach to environmental, social, and governance issues by driving positive change. We are committed to caring for people, upholding responsible sourcing practices and preserving the planet for future generations. 

Our Commitment


We believe diversity makes us more competitive and creates value for our customers, shareholders, and employees. We are committed to caring for people in our communities by making a positive impact on their lives through giving back, doing good and changing their lives. We seek to empower our stakeholders in making healthy choices about lifestyles and diet.


We uphold responsible sourcing practices for the products we supply and strive to do so in an ethical and sustainable manner. We also understand our responsibility to manage our environmental impact and are always striving to find more efficient ways of working. Our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint and promote sustainability in all aspects of our operations.


Preserving the planet for future generations is crucial to Satchmo’s purpose, and we believe that environmental stewardship is essential for our long-term success.  We are conscious of the resources we use while running our business and look into their environmental impact. Thus, we always seek innovative ideas to reduce our carbon footprint. 

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