Tailored to your needs

We are a team of professionals serving the catering needs of corporate, government, along with transport for outdoor catering & events. We understand well that the type of event will determine the type of services you need.

Our catering solutions are tailored and designed to meet what you are looking for and what to create to inspire an exciting catering experience.

Our Catering Services

Transportation Catering

We cater to railways, metros, airports, and bus stations.

Sports Catering

We, as a company have created a separate division to cater to Sporting events and ensure that from popular sports like cricket, football, tennis and other Sports, we are the preferred choice for catering at such Sporting events for the audience as well as the players.

Corporate Catering

Satchmo Holdings is deeply penetrating the requirements for corporate catering in campuses, office parks, research centres and ensuring high quality food is delivered to its corporate clients.

Events Catering

Niche events of individuals and corporates for specific ceremonials and special occasions are one of the divisions of the catering arm of Satchmo.

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