Venturing into new spaces

Satchmo Holdings Limited is venturing into restaurants. Going forward we will be focusing on the huge burgeoning market through quick service restaurants, cloud kitchens, casual dining and express kiosks.

Our Solutions

Quick Service Restaurants

Franchising opportunities and deals

Franchising with global quick service restaurants and fast food chains for expansion in India.

Casual Dining

Working on the core of our business

Food & beverage is at the core of our business. Going forward, the company will be expanding into Indian, Chinese and other global cuisines and building a portfolio to cater to the Indian palette.

Cloud Kitchen

Ensuring your efficiency

We are taking restaurants to a whole new place. Where seamless delivery is prioritized, costs are minimised and profits are maximized. All we have to do is cook.


Your orders are delivered faster and more accurately. Thanks to our offsite fulfilment team that handles all the logistics for you.

Express Kiosks

Express takeaways

Takeaways from airports and other transportation areas.

Get In Touch

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